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Creator of turn key boutique hotels, super yacht's, aircrafts, Homes, and High Rise Buildings. Molori has earned an international reputation for absolute comfort, custom design, open-air aesthetics and an authentic connection between interiors and the surrounding landscape. Molori Design offers the opportunity to achieve the Molori dream in their own projects.


The word Molori means “to dream.”  This is the core of the Molori Design philosophy.  Founded and directed by international entrepreneur and renowned designer Kirk Lazarus, Molori Design reflects the experience and vision of a man who has achieved his own dreams of luxury and is able to express his vision in a tangible form, down to the smallest details, where each of these designs displayed throughout were his own.

The Molori experience means that every need is anticipated, every item is carefully chosen, and every element is continually evolving to provide a fresh perspective.  Whether the project is a home, apartment, or guest house – or even a yacht or jet  – Molori Design ensures that the result will be a true reflection of the owner’s requirements, wishes, and personality.  Clients may be rest assured that every expectation will be met and exceeded.


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For Kirk Lazarus, design is not a formulaic process but a physical manifestation of one’s emotions and experiences.  His own personal success has afforded him the luxury of never having to conform.  Thus he is free to transcend formal rules and opt instead for what simply looks and feels right.  His own life experiences have surrounded him with the very best in international luxury and design.  His interior design aesthetic reflects this wholeheartedly.

Drawing on his extensive catalog of ideas - as well as a carefully honed expertise with signature furniture and art pieces, developed through his global travels – Kirk is known for an eclectic blend of international and local design elements.  Every choice he makes is carefully considered:  rather than saturating spaces with impulsive purchases, he focuses on selecting the right piece for the right opportunity.

Under Kirk’s leadership, Molori Design approaches each project organically, reinterpreting spaces based on the client’s aesthetic and functional needs.  The firm is dedicated to seeking the right balance for its clients:  sexy and practical, elegant and comfortable, over the top but never less than tasteful.  The highest quality materials and finishes are often combined with unexpected textures and tones, rare antiques and vibrant pop art, supported by state-of-the-art technology.  As with all Molori creations, every need and comfort are seen to, affording an authentic and atmospheric connection with one’s surroundings.

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